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December. 21, 2021

Cayenne Pepper

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Is feeling full not the solution to dieting and nutrition? It must be.

Portion control is at least as important as the foods you choose when it comes to losing weight and/or feeling great after a meal.

Europeans know this. Australians and New Zealanders know this. Americans are over-fed at restaurants and subsequently eat too much at home. (There are more regions of the world that are the same, although the United States is certainly a prime example of over-eating during mealtime and snack time.)

  1. So, how do you eat less when you still feel hungry?
  2. What can you do to feel more full if you decide to fast and need “something” to keep you going?

Well, provided that you do not have ulcers in your gut — and that you are not prone to ulcers in your gut — cayenne pepper can be a great solution. A few small sips of Frank’s hot sauce is a great example, although there are other ways to consume cayenne pepper. I just happen to love the taste of Frank’s hot sauce.

Lately, if I’ve been choosing to reduce caloric consumption throughout a day, or avoid a meal or two and keep my energy going + feel full, I’ve chosen a small serving of popcorn + a few small sips of Frank’s hot sauce.

I learned tricks like this when I needed to fast for 2-3 weeks per month during the recovery period following intestinal surgery. This lasted for about 18 months, and I fasted more than half the time.

Nowadays, I remember the benefits of fasting, portion control and digestive rest. I recognize that most people are either digesting or eating throughout the day, and that’s not how we are meant to eat.

So, I thought of you with today’s post.

You see, sometimes my days are go, go, go. Other days are more even-keeled and balanced. And some days parenting concerns come into play and I experience concerns for my children that cause a level of stress or anxiety.

When these things occur, I choose to remember that digesting solid foods, protein-dense foods, or sugary foods — that add no nutritional value whatsoever — can be tempting, although counter-productive. And as such, I give my gut a break. I let it rest.

And I utilize strategies to feel full, combat inflammation (which is often the result of acute stress in any form, albeit positive or “negative” stress), and meditate. Instead of pausing for meal preparation and eating, I pause to breathe.

We’ll get more into why ‘breath’ is so important, although it suffices to say that we do not survive without air. Air quality, water quality, pacing of breathing, etc. are all topics for another day. And they are vital parts of health.

For today — and if your digestive system allows — consider small doses of cayenne pepper paired with something to absorb acidity that comes with it. (i.e. a few bites of popcorn, some gluten free bread — Canyon is my favorite brand — or a bar like a Lara Bar or something like this.)

I think you’ll be excited to feel and experience the difference it makes, while you continue to thrive and go about your day.

Written — and sent — to honor you and the people you love,

Dr. Kareem
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