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November. 23, 2021

Fish Labels

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I saw Seaspiracy. Did you?

Wow. As with lots of documentaries, I could see the clear bias and setup taking place to make the movie interesting. This being said, it sure seems as though the fish that we are eating does not match what is on the label; or at least not in a predictable or controlled way.

So what do we do?

Well, one option is to eat fresh fish if available to you and if the ocean is healthy near you. Support local fisheries, and also take notice of what they are fishing. Do your best to eat fish that are sustainable, as well as caught in the wild.

If you live far from the coastlines, consider reducing fish consumption to a minimum and prioritizing other forms of meat and proteins. Or having a family-owned operation on a coastline freeze and ship you the seafood of your choice is a wonderful option, too.

I know I used to do this with grassfed beef before it became common.

You might be wondering if any of this really matters and if it’s worth taking an interest. Many people wonder the same thing. And here’s the consensus on what I’ve learned after speaking with world class ecologists, environmentalists, nutritionists, biologists, marine specialists, etc.:

  • Preserving the ocean matters. And it matters in a big way. An unhappy ocean is an unhealthy planet, plain and simple.
  • We need to eat from the food chain in a natural way, or it throws everything off.
  • Plastics and carbon consumption are severely problematic and it requires that we all take personal responsibility in order to make a difference. This means that we compost, garden (and turn over soil), and reduce our own carbon emissions when unnecessary.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. It seems like it should be easy to trust that what is in a grocery store is safe for your body, and it’s not the case. Many times, you’d be better off eating the most rotten vegetable on a farm than you would a box of cereal or a bag of chips. It’s easy to be fooled, tempted, or distracted when grocery shopping.
  • Ordering out is trickiest, because most restaurants compromise on ethics to make their numbers work; afterall, making food is one of the absolutely most intense and challenging business models!!
  • A lot of frozen and store-bought fish is sourced unethically and oftentimes with inhumane practices.
  • All of this only increases the importance of having a relationship with a local farmer or set of farmers, where you can source as much of your food as possible (that you do not grow).

I sure hope that today’s post helps.

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Dr. Kareem
Dr. Kareem
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