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December. 10, 2021

Exercise (how-to)

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There are plenty of ways to move your body and get a result. However, there are specific tweaks that you can make in order to make your exercise program much more successful. Today’s Post is intended to highlight some of the most important tweaks that exist, in order to help you maximize the effect of every time you move your body:

  1. Know your body type. Consider these questions:
    • Do you have long, thin bones and long fingers and toes? (ectomorphs)
    • Do you have a natural v-shape to your body and shorter legs? (mesomorphs)
    • Is it easy for you to build muscle or do you feel hot, in general? (endomorphs)
  2. Will you choose endurance (ectomorphs), sprinting/athletic workouts (mesomorphs), or power/muscle building (endomorphs) as your main exercise goal?
  3. Always progress, even when you fall backwards and need to start again; in other words, today’s workout should be just a little bit harder, heavier, faster, or more intense than the last one. So long as you follow this principle, you are always progressing.
  4. Rest until you completely recover and then do it again.
    • For endurance, this. means resting 1-3 days after longer bouts of exercise more often than not.
    • For sprinters, this means every other day or 3-4 days/week, max.
    • For power/muscle building, this means it’s going to take 48-72 hours before it’s time to lift heavy again.

In my experience, these four tweaks are the most important ones you can make when modifying an exercise program to get better results.

I hope this finds you well,

Dr. Kareem

PS — Please forward this to a friend, family member, or co-worker. Health is meant to be shared, like water. Enjoy!!

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