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February. 28, 2022

Mastering The Mind Through Meditation (Part II)

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Repeat after me:  “I am the one who directs my own thoughts.  I am the one who chooses what I think about, and it’s through my own intention that I can demonstrate transformation.  

Through transforming my thoughts to become more positive and of higher intent, I can be kinder, more loving, and more empathetic.  

I seek a life of love and compassion, and therefore I will do what it takes.  My name is (insert your name here), and I commit.”

Now, read it again.  And one more time.  That makes three times, which helps solidify this intention for your subconscious mind.

In other words, you are putting this intention on autopilot by practicing and repeating it often.  Then, when you sit to meditate and get into a calmer state, your subconscious mind will have been assisting you all day.  

Instead of experiencing resistance, you can experience flow.

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