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March. 2, 2022

Mastering The Mind Through Meditation (Part III)

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Your mind is a super computer that is capable of sending physical signals throughout your body, thereby creating physical reactions through thought.

In other words, when you think about moving your leg, you have already created electrical signals to the muscles that have caused them to partially contract.  Simply thinking about movement creates movement.

Well, the same is true for thinking about feeling, thinking about thinking, and thinking about connection.  In all cases, by the time we think, we have created.

Thinking and creation go hand-in-hand.

And that’s why it’s so important to recognize the cycles of your thoughts.  That’s why it’s so important to have a driver for your “thought vehicle”, so to speak.  Because your thoughts ‘are’ taking you from reality 1 to reality 2 very quickly, and it’s much safer to have someone/something capable of steering you in the right direction for your ‘right-life’.  

Now, who do you think would be the best driver for your mind?  

Well, you of course!!!

But which part of you?

Can your ‘mind’ lead your mind?

Certainly not.  That doesn’t make any sense.

It would have to be another body part.  Something inside or something outside.

Today, let’s extend your 1-2 minute ‘thought observation’ (meditation) to 3 minutes and place all of the focus on your heart.  Literally, on your heart.  

Instructions:  Take both hands and place your dominant hand directly over your heart on the top left side of your chest.  Then, take your non-dominant hand and place it on top of your dominant hand.  

Example:  if you are right-handed, then you would place your right hand directly on top of the upper left side of your chest and your left hand on top of your right.

Every time you start thinking of anything besides your heart, catch yourself and redirect back to your heart.

Today, you let your heart steer your mind.

Take note:  what happens?

How does your mind feel during and after?  

Did you experience resistance from your mind?  Did it keep trying to distract you and take over?  

How about after?  Do you feel a sense of calm or relief?  

Do you think your mind might feel grateful it’s receiving some help?  Because, geez, if I were a mind that thought it was all alone, I’d feel worn out by now… 🙂

“Let your heart lead your mind today — for 3 minutes — and see what happens.”

Dr. Kareem
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