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March. 4, 2022

Mastering The Mind Through Meditation (Part IV)

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The next step in meditation is to increase frequency or duration.  

Please consider the following:

  1. Would you rather get calm faster when you get upset or worked up? (frequency)
  2. Is your end goal peace of mind, and the sooner you get there the better?  (duration)

Whichever you choose, it’s up to you.  And here’s how you go about both:

Increasing Frequency Of Meditation:

Meditating once per day is great.  You might want to think about meditating once per day as ‘clearing out your responsibilities from today’.  Meditating twice per day is about clearing out mental weights and responsibilities from the past that may otherwise continue to weigh you down.  If you observe that you’re not feeling more at peace from one day to the next — although each day you enjoy the feeling that meditation provides —  consider increasing duration. 

Increasing Duration Of Meditation:

You started by observing your thoughts for 60 seconds and then taking note of them.  Next, simply increase by one minute per day until you reach 20 minutes.  If you observe your thoughts slowing down, that’s wonderful.  If your thoughts continue to race throughout your entire meditation, consider a second session each day rather than longer sessions (switch to frequency as your priority instead of duration, in this case).  

After about a month or two of meditating, most people find their balance around 20 minutes, twice per day.

Dr. Kareem
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