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February. 23, 2022

Mastering Your Mind Through Meditation (Part I)

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There are four main ‘life skills’ that we will begin discussing as of today.  They are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Breath
  3. Love
  4. Gratitude

By practicing all four, in sequence (and not all at once), your entire reality shifts.  What happens first is a sense of peace.  Next, you begin to have a calm mind, one that’s capable of innovation, epiphany, and a sense of well-being.  

Through this enhanced state-of-mind, you begin seeking other healthy habits, because they feel good.  And this feel-good feeling becomes almost like an addiction, in that you seek it, reset to it, and find comfort in it within weeks or months.  

So, in other words, you’ll automatically know to get outside for a breath of fresh air when you start to feel some anxiety.  You’ll crave movement and actually want to exercise in a way that brings you joy.  And you’ll choose restaurants, conversations, foods, and people that reinforce feeling great throughout your day and life.  

Here’s the best part:  meditation is about as simple as breathing.  

Most people put a lot of emphasis into ‘stopping’ your mind from thinking.  Well, for today, how about you spend 60 seconds “observing” your thoughts as you think them?

That’ll be day one.  Slow your breath and “watch” yourself think.

When you’re done, take note of what you thought about.  Were they worries, concerns, or responsibilities for the day?  Or were they fun, loving, and lively thoughts?

Place no judgment on yourself.  What you thought about is what you thought about.  

And if it turns out you had a laundry list of things to consider while observing yourself thinking for 60 seconds, try two minutes tomorrow… 

Once you get through all of the ‘mental weight’ that is preventing your mind from slowing down… or in other words, once you’ve sifted through all of your responsibilities, worries, and challenges for the day, the mind gets to rest.  

And that’s where the true benefit from meditation begins.  

Let your mind tire itself out while you watch it cycle through everything it feels tasked to do.  Give it the time and space to get the work done it’s been wanting to do.  And then take note of your mind’s performance and whether or not you think it’s leading you to more happiness or less.

In time, a quiet (i.e. more rested) mind is a loving, happy, fulfilled mind that brings you peace and joy instead of anxiety and fear.  

One minute at a time, allow your mind to think.

That’s step one of how to meditate.  

“Allow yourself to think and pay attention to what you think about.”

Dr. Kareem
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