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February. 14, 2022

The Mind (Part II)

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There are two conversations when we discuss re-patterning the mind.  First is the re-patterning, which is a set of skills you can learn, develop, or be guided with; these will empower you to train your subconscious mind into new patterns, beliefs, or automatic thoughts.

Secondly, we must discuss ‘healing’ the mind, which is essential in order to benefit from re-patterning efforts.  A mind that needs to be healed is prone to repeat the same patterns, have the same opportunities for growth, and go through the same lessons over and over again.  And for this reason, we must consider what needs healing while re-patterning the mind, or it’s likely to be a vicious cycle.

There are several skills that come into play when it comes to re-patterning the mind.  Let’s discuss:

  • Tapping (or Touch) — a gentle touch on your heart, or a light tap can bring gentle awareness to “listen” to your heart and be guided through your heart rather than your head.
  • Mantras — simple, quick, and easy-to-remember statements you can rehearse as a reminder of how wonderful you are anytime you are quick to judge yourself.  Example:  let’s say you’re being hard on yourself for not getting something right.  You might say something like this to yourself:  “I choose to do my best and let go of the outcome.” (with a smile on your face)
  • Meditation & observation — clear your mind and notice what comes up.  Take notes when you’re done.
  • Journaling — journal in at least two voices (one that asks the questions and one that answers).  Ask questions about yourself and your behaviors and listen to the responses; your self-awareness may be great when you take the time to inquire within.
  • Single-tasking (conscious awareness) — by eliminating distractions, other responsibilities, and interruptions, it is much easier to stay consciously aware and therefore reduce the chances of an undesirable pattern, behavior, or thought cycle.
  • Presence — be in the now.
  • Reflection — take inventory of your day, a conversation, or an experience after it happens.  They say hindsight is 20-20.  What can you learn from what has already taken place, while giving yourself incredible grace?

Each of these skills will aid and assist you in identifying and repatterning a subconscious belief that no longer suits you, when it arises.  This is also true for re-patterning behavior, perhaps how you react towards certain situations or loved ones.

Next, we will discuss healing.

You see, healing the mind is just as important as re-patterning.  Some of the statements, beliefs, or circumstances that were recorded by your subconscious mind before age 8 were harmful to your belief in self, confidence, or ability to navigate life with inspiration and enthusiasm.

And that’s ok… it’s the way life is, at least right now.

And we’re all doing the best we can.  It’s a good bet that whomever was in your circumstances at that age (i.e. your parents) were doing their best too.  In fact, just about any one of us, if you ask us if we’re doing our best, will say that we are most of the time… this means, from an inside-out perspective, no one is trying to be mean, critical, or unkind with us.

No one prefers a life of yelling, hatred, judgment, deprivation or sadness.

The thing is, most of us just don’t understand how we ended up there, albeit for a moment or for an era.  And it’s through past patterns of beliefs, circumstances, and relationships that it happens.

Keep in mind:  you are not reading this to change your mind and life, so much as optimize it.

It’s your mind, and it’s one of your greatest gifts.  Nurturing and caring for your mind, allowing it to experience and let go of past hurts and beliefs, and re-patterning it for a happy and more fulfilling life is a wonderful choice to make.

The part about ‘healing’ is nurturing and caring for your mind.  It’s forgiveness.  It’s letting go.  It’s no longer feeling attached to outcomes.  It’s trust.  It’s faith.

Observe what needs healing through meditation.  Take notice of how you think, whether you are kind in your thoughts about yourself and others through your internal dialogue, or whether your thoughts feel sad or happy.  Take inventory every 5 thoughts throughout your meditation for at least two weeks.  And journal what you observe afterward.

Set an intention to make your thoughts kinder, more loving, and more gentle.

Allow yourself to notice when your thoughts are not kind or gentle, and take the time to meditate and allow them to dissipate.  Center yourself on kindness, a loving mind, and a loving heart.

Repeat this process and notice what happens in weeks 3-4.  How about in weeks 5-6?  Are you starting to see a new pattern emerge?

By simply taking notice of your thoughts, taking inventory of them, and setting an intention for kindness and love, you can completely transform your ‘automatic thoughts’.

I sure hope you found today’s email interesting and useful.  Please be sure to pass it onto anyone else you feel might take an interest in the “mind”.  In the next email, we’re going to talk about the conscious mind and how to stay present… stay tuned!

Have a wonderful day,

Dr. Kareem
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