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January. 12, 2022


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Before you read today’s post, think back to what you ate for breakfast over the last 3 days…

Now, consider this: breakfast is the first energy ingested during the day. This means that you wake up feeling like yourself and what you eat (or do) next will combine into a new feeling.

This means that food is a contributing factor to how you will feel. Whether or not food matches your body, how well you are able to absorb it into nutrient value through digestion, and how long it takes to digest are all factors that affect how you will feel.

So, in order to make a wise decision about breakfast please consider the following questions:

  • Did you wake up warm or cold? (Breakfast can help regulate your temperature when chosen to do so.)
  • Did you eat within 3 hours of going to bed last night? (If so, your tummy may still be full, so something less dense would make more sense than a hearty breakfast like eggs.)
  • Are you fully hydrated? (If not, you may want to consider waiting to eat until you rehydrate.)
  • Will you have other opportunities for fruits today? (If not, you may want to strongly consider a smoothie.)
  • Will you be exercising within the next 2-3 hours? (if so, you may want to eat a more hearty breakfast, so long as you have time to digest.)

These are some of the most important considerations when it comes to breakfast. And then, depending upon your answers, here are some great breakfast options:

  • Steel cut oatmeal with berries/fruits on the side or on top
  • Frozen fruit smoothie with coconut water (or water/ice) base (instead of juice)
  • Veggie juice (if you have a juicer and can do this)
  • Eggs and veggies (either scrambled or served as a sandwich on gluten free bread)
  • Yogurt (Greek is healthier, or grassfed if available and from cows) with berries
  • Paleo pancakes with real maple syrup drizzle on top; breakfast potatoes.
  • Gluten free (I use Canyon bread company) french toast with real maple syrup drizzle; breakfast potatoes.

As you can see, there are both cold options and hot options. There are more filling options and less filling options. We do our best to incorporate fruits during breakfast time unless there’s already a lot of sugar. If there’s already plenty of sugar (i.e. real maple syrup), then we substitute fruit for a vegetable on the side.

You’ll see that I listed out breakfast potatoes with the french toast and pancakes. However, a green veggie like brussel sprouts, spinach, or broccolini would be great too. I personally enjoy breakfast potatoes, so that’s why I listed it the way that I did…. although you should know that potatoes ultimately break down into more sugar.

Breakfast is meant to be a delicious way to start the day and help you feel great. If today’s post was helpful, please pass it onto family and friends so it can help them too. Thank you.

Have a wonderful day,

Dr. Kareem
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